Pomona First Years Cave and Just Go To Frank


 After spending the entire week repeatedly telling themselves and others that they would definitely be eating dinner at Scripps on Thursday, the friend group of three Pomona first years finally admitted at roughly 4:30 that they would probably just end up going to Frank. “We’re serious, we’re really going this time,” Samuel Ko, who only

Your Dorm Room Decorations Are Actually Really Problematic, and Here’s Why

The Official Guide For Scripps College Students


 Look, I get it. You want to take a cute pic of your newly decorated dorm and post it on the IG and show Bria from high school that you know how to decorate. But honestly, you can’t do that without really evaluating the real world implications of your decor. Your intentions might be good

Mueller Indicts 13 Russian Nationals, Hiram Chodosh


 (Claremont, CA and DC, Washington): BREAKING…Special Counsel Robert Mueller has proceeded with criminal indictments of 13 Russian nationals and President of Claremont McKenna College, Hiram Chodosh. After months of intensive investigation, it was finally announced today that Robert Mueller, who was tasked with discovering the extent of foreign meddling in 2016 presidential elections, will bring